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Japanese materials and metal decoration processing

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Vietnam | +84329810791 |

4th May 2021

To whom it may concerns,

My name is Cao Ngoc Linh, and I am thrilled to write this letter to apply for the Journalism, Art/Marketing at HORI METAL LEAF & POWDER CO.,LTD.Tokyo, Japan.

Fortunately for me, known to your company through AIESEC. I have more opportunities when AIESEC is present in Vietnam. AIESEC has always been a trustworthy organization for young people like me. I really appreciate this opportunity.

I have said it and am repeating it now that HORI METAL LEAF & POWDER CO.,LTD. is the company I have dreamt of working for.

I am very impressed by the product edible good leaf “Maiko” by Hori Metal Leaf & Powder. It cannot be denied that Japanese dishes are always very delicate and beautiful. It seems like a simple dish, but I can always see the chefs with all their hearts in it.

To learn more, I watched the videos that HORI METAL LEAF & POWDER CO., LTD. posting through the Youtube page. Each video is very short, only about 1 minute but I find that time as peaceful as the feeling of sitting in meditation. That explains, I also understand that besides there are talented artists, we also need to promote that goodness to more people.

I am attracted to this special position. My major is Japanese Language and Culture. That is why I am always ready to learn about Japanese culture and art. To become an artist in Japan, I know these artists have spent their lives creating good values. I really want to learn that spirit, patience, and perfectionism.

I have worked as a salesman for toy products. I make a quantity sell report of the product, collect the number of customers every day to send information to the marketing department. I'd love to work in an international environment. I have been the teaching assistant for an English center in Hanoi, exchanging lesson content construction with foreign teachers. I also exchange with customers (parents) to change the curriculum to suit their needs.

I don't have too much experience in marketing. However, I still can get some points in basic terms. I have just completed the online course "Google Marketing Platform Partners" at Google's Skillshop. It also helps me to have basic knowledge about Marketing, and I am always ready to learn more. I also join the college club as a member of the media, get involved in the media planning and posting for the association's events. I have a small project at university. We make an advertisement for a Vietnamese product for Japanese living in Vietnam.

I am an avid planning person, I always have a personal notebook so I can always take notes and plan long and short term. I know personal planning and promotion plans are two different concepts, but I'll get it done as best I can.

I am attracted to this particular position because its natures resonate with my experiences. I look forward to working in this position so that I can learn more about your company as well as knowledge of Japanese materials and metal decoration processing. With experience working in an international environment, I always take a serious attitude. I really like the "HORENSO" office culture in Japan. I find it essential to make reports, I've been taught how to write them properly before. I think I can also do a good job of marketing research and compiling reports. Once a salesman, I was able to capture certain types of clients and their needs, as well as create detailed data reports.

I hope my application and this letter find you well. I am looking forward to speaking to you very soon to discuss how I can bring tangible value to HORI METAL LEAF & POWDER CO.,LTD. in this particular role.

Best regards,

Cao Ngoc Linh