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I have a flair for design and this was inspired by the design of AIESEC's marketing products. When I joined AIESEC in February, 2020. I didn't have a comprehensive grasp of what they do and how they operate.

First things first, after my application was successful, I was inducted as a full member. I joined a functional area called IGV(Incoming Global Volunteer).
Here, we handled all that was associated with exchange participants, local products, international internships and career development.

However, to be able to attract exchange participants locally and internationally, it had a lot to do with our products design, marketing strategies and offerings.
Originally, this was where my interest for design began.

Knowing that someone can comfortably conceptualize a visual representation of contents using images, symbols and colours to inform and inspire a feedback is incredible.

Graphics Design is an art and craft that allows you to create visual content to communicate messages by applying the rules of layout and typography.

I understand that part of my responsibility will be to conceptualize visuals based on requirements. Prepare rough sketches and present ideas. especially as it relates with social media contents.
I'd like to highlight my position as the National content creator for Brand and customer experience of AIESEC in Ghana from August 2020 till date...this is because I understand the social impact these content have on the entire success of the entity and how it generally responds to the social media presence of AIESEC in Ghana.

I consider myself the best fit for this role because I have the required experience and skill set, the zeal and the qualities of the preferred candidate.

Graphics design for me has been an awesome journey as I started designing professionally with canva. It's safe to say that canva is a great app and it thoroughly shaped my design skills.

I'd like to mention that my personality syncs with what MBDC Media is looking out for and I'd be very excited to be apart of the team as well as contribute diligently to the social success of the media visual content development and communication.

I have social presence in some of the vital social apps such as instagram, facebook and tiktok.

I've looked at the essentials of MBDC Media and how visual Communication remains an asset and I can boldly say that I understand the need of MBDC and to firmly emphasize the importance of a strong social presence and community.

I'm delighted to be applying for this role and will be more delighted if I get to intern in such a global brand.

I see myself in a great industry because design fascinates my imagination and literally challenges my intuition on what a good visual content should communicate.

This is what I want to do and I see myself doing it passionately.