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Marketing and Launching New Business

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Ha Noi


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Nguyen Hoai

Japanese language and culture


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Ha Noi

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Dear Sir/Madam,


I am a third-year student of Japanese Language and Culture at the Vietnam National University. Being an undergraduate holding a fascination with management and administrative jobs, I am writing in response to your advertisement for the Marketing and launching new business Intern and enclose my curriculum vitae for your consideration. The position appeals to me as a favourable condition to experience the real working environment. With assistance from AIESEC in Hanoi (Vietnam), I discovered that your company provides a virtual workplace with teamwork and the chance to undertake professional responsibilities; therefore, in order to gain practical experience in a marketing research and necessary skills to aid me in my future career path, I would welcome the opportunity to perform a 3-month internship in your company.


With assistance from AIESEC in Hanoi (Vietnam), I discovered that the company has been established for 4 years since 2017. And provides a virtual workplace with teamwork and the chance to undertake professional responsibilities. Your company is currently operating in the field of Music app development,QR payment app development, Development of puzzle-based social games, Construction of membership matching service. These are new fields in Vietnam. Although I do not have much experience in these fields, I always want to dedicate myself to work in a good working environment. I will learn about the field by reading newspapers, searching the Internet, participating in related career seminars, speaking and building relationships with people working in the same field.

Being trained in a university of languages, I can acquire great oral and written communication skills, especially in Japanese and English. Additionally, the time spent preparing and delivering speeches on several subjects has significantly sharpened my presenting skills. When I was a freshman, as a member of the logistics and communications committee of Japanese festival I have worked with different members from other Departments, writing articles for the page, estimating budget, logistics facilitating and coordinating events. This leads me to a genuine belief that I have good access to team projects and possess interpersonal skills including attentive listening and immediate responding. Furthermore, during my studies at the VNU, I also did many essays related to market surveys such as: surveying the problem of using slang in electronic newspapers, the current situation of English learning of professional students, Bilingual status of ethnic minorities,...


As part of my job as a part-time salesman in Edutalk Center. I am responsible for looking for customers who want to learn English. I am determined to use a key social media platform that is Facebook to research potential customers and customer needs. Then, send a message to exchange information and schedule an appointment for customer consultation directly at the center. Besides, I also research numerous career hunting groups, then identify ones with prospective job-seekers and post to impart information about the job vacancy. As a result, I could approach potential applicants daily to clear up their queries, receive CVs and arrange appointments for interviews based on the manager’s schedule. This has fostered my ability to research customers’ demand. Similarly, it has also offered me first-hand experience in Edura Center, which is a companion platform in teaching and learning Japanese online. In Edura Center, I scheduled a consultation appointment with about 10-15 customers. Currently, I'm a home tutor for middle school students to go to a specialized school.


My friends and colleagues always consider me an excellent team member, a responsible team leader who always pays attention to every detail in work, knows how to organize, arrange work, know how to communicate, manage time, know how to handle situations quicklyand know how to balance pressured at work. So with my current qualifications and experience I am confident that I can take on this role well at the company.


I look forward to having an opportunity to discuss my application with you further and how I can contribute to the ongoing development of your company. I would like to express my gratitude in advance for your time and consideration.


I have attached my CV, which contains the details of my practical training, my current university transcript, and the name and address . Thank you for taking your valuable time to review this cover letter. I hope you can arrange an interview so that I can describe myself more clearly.


Best regard,

Nguyen Hoai Khanh