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Syeda Rida

Marketing & Inbound


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A brand gains its recognition through word of mouth. Apparently, in today's world, this role has advanced into digital marketing, primarily focusing on providing a platform for organizations and companies to benefit by mass audience gathering on a singular platform interacting with your brand. Moreover, it provides us with creative ways to build PR of a brand, engage customers, and promote our products and services. For such a task, one needs to be highly vigilant, creative with on-spot Innovation to keep up with trending ways for building the digital marketing presence of a brand.

I begin working as a Social Media Manager in 2019 for a student-led organization known as Meraki focusing on Mental Health and Literature. During my time there, I introduced various techniques for user-managed activities. We can arrange a static blog page to engage with the audience by hosting digital competitions, conducting a discussion session on Instagram, and inviting prominent figures to host a podcast session. Furthermore, I introduced and worked on a campaign to initiate a newsletter that featured major work on literature written by teenagers and writings of social issues gaining insight through email marketing.

In January 2020, I started working in the corporate sector, specifically in Talent Acquisition and Educational Marketing, where I learned to strategize social media content according to the need for time, including innovative solutions and partnering with organizations to build a more diversified audience. I also ran social campaigns to create PR and engagement with SDGs for the company.

From my experience and engagement in AIESEC, I have developed the following skills which make me stand out as an applicant for this position:

  • Eagerness & Innovation - I have worked for multiple organizations and in developing partnerships for AIESEC Conferences which provided me exposure to building various marketing campaigns according to the need & structure of the company. I analyze the company's current status and conduct market research to look for competitors' campaigns. I strategize and bring in new ideas keeping the KPIs to build content.
  • Creativity - I have been working on content creation. I focus on data-based content or the majority illustrative, which quickly grabs the audience's attention. Moreover, with my content writing skills, I have learned to create an engaging caption. I have designed newsletters, proposals, customized campaigns, and PR Posts for partners.
  • Effective & Efficient Communication - Communication with primary stakeholders should not just be persuading and convincing but also efficient. Working in AIESEC & Lincoln Method, I have learned to understand how to satisfy the customers based on their needs—pitching external groups and relating their queries accordingly. Being in Circle Women, I managed social media accounts for 40+ females doing different businesses with different needs.
  • Adaptability - By working in different sectors, environments, and sizes, I have quickly learned to adapt to any environment and marketing structure.
  • Sales Focused - I have worked on National Sales and raised monetary partnerships for Regional conferences, making me a person who can work under pressure with creative solutions to keep up with Sales targets.
  • Competitiveness
  • Networking
  • Socially Aware