Thi Bich Hien


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Business development intern

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Da Nang


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Thi Bich Hien

Business Administration


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Da Nang

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Bachelor's degree or equivalent



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Hien Tran

Da Nang, Viet Nam


Ars Nova

Belgrade, Serbia


Dear Sir/Madam,


My name is Hien Tran and I would like to express my interest in the Business Development Intern position at Ars Nova. As a current student in Accounting and Finance at the University of Manitoba, Ars Nova strongly interests me as a company providing hygiene solutions and having a firm standing in the domestic market. Moreover, working with Ars Nova, and learning about its business model as well as developing such skills as market research during the job will give me valuable experience for my future career.


I believe my skills and experience will be of value to Ars Nova for the following reasons:


- During my time at school, I was involved in multiple volunteering activities for the school community. Through those activities, I learnt to take ownership of my assigned responsibilities, and communicate and work effectively with other team members. I was a fundraising member at Science Rendezvous, a science festival that is held every year across Canada, where I made calls and wrote emails to sponsors. I was also an assistant for various events in the faculty, such as being a campus tour guide for newcomers and a receptionist for the student association’s office and other events.


- Working as a waitress at CHU Hotel gave me the chance to work under pressure as it is a fast-paced environment, especially during busy hours.


- My attention to details was developed during my time working as an accounting intern at the Sub-Institute for Labour and Environment Protection in Central Viet Nam, where I was responsible for keeping accurate financial records daily.


- Participating in an entrepreneurship competition in the faculty allowed me to showcase my creativity and problem-solving skills. My idea of offering financial education services to young people was chosen among other ideas suggested by the team. When conflicts arised due to the difference in viewpoints from each team member, I communicated effectively to resolve them with other members. In the end, our team’s pitch was chosen as one of the finalists in the competition.


- I have been conducting my study online for almost a year so I am experienced in using Zoom, Google Suites and other Google apps (Docs, Sheet, Slides). I also use Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point regularly as part of my study for investment analysis, business pitch and report writing.


- Because all my classes are now online, I am available in Viet Nam until the end of 2021 and will be able to commit to this position during the time ahead.


Real life experience is crucial to learning, therefore I am very eager to apply my knowledge and experience at Ars Nova to learn and add value to the company. I believe I would be a good fit for a long-established company like Ars Nova.


Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours sincerely,


Hien Tran