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Marketing Analyst at System Vendor Comapany

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Thuy Tien



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Thuy Tien Nguyen

Marketing Analyst Internship


Jun 18, 2021


HR Department,ltd

Aichi, Japan


Dear Human Resource Department,


Your advertisement in the AIESEC's Virtual Professional Program for Marketing Analyst at System Vendor Company really caught my eyes. I have been following,ltd ’s information on the program for a while and I think that it would be a perfect place for me to grow professionally. I will be graduating in a few months. By the beginning of August, I will have had a Bachelor in International Business. Then, I would love to launch my new life as a Junior Marketing with your company.


My major at university is International Business, which relates a lot to Marketing. And in all Marketing subjects, I got the highest A marks, which partly proves my passion and most of my practice time devoted to marketing, especially in the production of scripts, videos and videos editor. I have attached a few of my side projects when I was in university in this link:


As a marketing analyst intern, I would like to develop strong knowledge, skill sets and concepts of marketing with a creative bent of mind. Then I hope with strong dedication to contribute to the development of the company and employ my previous experience and abilities.

I believe that through the knowledge I have learned at university and the skills through club activities, projects, and social activities I have attended, I have formed a mindset to analyze problems, find solutions, how to start a new work or persevere with what I am doing. In detail, I have learnt to promote a campaign for a social project on Facebook for the first time and the result is our fanpage reaches 350 likes in one month. Besides, I have experience in actual market research, organizing offline events, making presentations and confident public speaking.


Through international friends and social media, I know that Japan has a unique culture, and a hard working, disciplined and dedicated working style. Fortunately, I fit this culture very well. My friends and those who have worked with me would all agree that I am a person with high commitment, responsibility and enthusiasm for my work. I have an extremely high team spirit and am willing to sacrifice self-interest for the group, which sometimes makes it difficult for me to balance my life. But I feel grateful and happy with my work and what I have contributed to the group.

I have read about the new project the company is working on and been extremely interested in it. I have felt that this would be a great project at this stage and hoped to be a part of it. I believe your Marketing Analyst position would be the beginning of great things for both of us.


Thank you for your consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Best Regards,


Thuy Tien Nguyen.