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My name is Ali Humza and i am currently currently enrolled in a BSc program at Lahore University of Managment Sciences with a major in Economics and a planned minor in Mathamtics and Computer Science. I have just entered into my final year with a CGPA of 3.5.


During my time at Lums, I have taken numerous Economics courses for my major and elective requirements. Courses such as Statistics and Data Analysis and Econometrics have helped me develop and polish my Stata skills and familiarize myself with Data Analytics and Visualization. Through these courses, I have experienced working with large datasets such as the Demographic Health Survey, Labor Force Survey, Pakistan Rural Household Survey, and the datasets of many such major programs. I am skilled in analyzing and interpreting such datasets since I have worked on multiple final projects using Stata in many of my courses.


Being an Economics major, I have devoted much of my time at Lums studying markets and market conditions through the different lenses of my major's core course requirements. I have a good handle on how markets work, and I am efficient in analyzing and researching market conditions.


I am an experienced researcher due to my exposure to many research and writing intensive courses at Lums. These courses required me to write up academic reports, research papers, policy briefs, critiques, as well as creative writings. I am excellent at sifting through the vast sea of journals, articles, research papers and identifying and extracting useful and relevant information to support or supplement claims or to refute opposing arguments. As a consequence, I have also developed my Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint skills.
Furthermore, I have picked up on numerous tips and tricks such as how to google more efficiently, which online libraries or databases to use, how to gauge the reliability of a source, and much more, which have helped me develop and improve my researching abilities and content writing skills.


My choice of minors in Mathematics and Computer Science is such that would aid me in implementing my Econometrics knowledge in practical scenarios. Additionally, they have helped me develop my problem-solving skills and enhanced my critical thinking.


I work well under pressure and am used to working under multiple deadlines. Working in countless group projects and presentations has helped me develop collaborative skills and the ability to break down complex tasks into smaller components and divide the workload among team members. It has also taught me the importance of helping each team member in their respective tasks and cooperating with the team to jointly arrive at solutions to unique problems.


I am a hardworking individual, eager to learn, and very persistent. I do not slack off and I face all challenges upfront, and I refuse to back down until I have conquered them. I will prove my worth if granted the opportunity and I will not disappoint if considered for this role.


My other skills and areas of expertise are mentioned in my CV. I hope to hear from you soon and i look forward to working as a Sales and Marketing intern at Azura Labs.