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I have seen street children several times working at hours when children their age should go to school. Carrying shabby cardboard boxes filled with used trash and iron as a tool for prying them, they walked non-stop on the corners of the bustling city streets. I often meet them on the side of the red light. Whether it's offering their voices as buskers, wearing stuffy and hot clown costumes to entertain bikers, being silver humans, or simply sticking out their hands for a coin to live their lives. That is the reality that some children in Indonesia have to face. They have to work at a very young age to continue to eat, without knowing the importance of getting an education, without knowing the importance of learning to read, write, and count, because what they think is 'how can I live until tomorrow.'

I am interested in issues concerning world problems and empowering others in marketing’s programs. I am doing a project officer and project founder internship with my team—namely Youth Power Hack—supported by Restless Development, Unilever, and Project Everyone. The project is about the lack of facilities and the desire of unprivileged children to get an education. One of the reasons is that parents are financially deficient and want their children to help them work instead of going to school. I decided to create a social community for street children in Indonesia called Dreamnesia, which aims to help them get the same education as children who go to school to teach them the curriculum in schools and free of charge. The teaching staff is volunteers who are generous in sharing their knowledge. This project also aims to increase public awareness by organizing campaigns on social media, taking to the streets if this pandemic is over, working with influencers and companies to sponsor this activity, and cooperating with the government.

My group project is included in the only solution for education in Indonesia that Restless Development can finance. For internal meetings and the needs of our campaign project, we need a quota of 832.5 MB for seven people in a team of $8.02. And restless development provides a budget for the campaign of $60 so that the funds for the quota for each participant in my team are met. We also made a project budget plan for each month and the next five years in terms of studying material, transportation, curriculum and program development, promotion, logistics, and volunteer consumption up to $4000. The total budget can be found at the link in the pitching presentation in my portfolio or in the following link:

I did a lot of work in this internship that made me grow, have a hardworking mindset, and build my creative ideas. Some of the job desks that I have to do with the team are assisting in managing and supervising administrative, technical, and financial aspects of assigned projects, maintaining crucial project documents which track project progress, provide creative ideas and for current programs and future programs for the sustainability of the project, make a project budget plan for each month and the next five years in terms of studying material, transportation, curriculum and program development, promotion, logistics, and volunteer consumption, create and maintain social media advertising, invite volunteers to help this project with social media development.

One of the obligations in this pandemic era to improve marketing research, project, or event branding is through social media. My work in this internship also involves me a lot in social media, such as creating logos and content promoting to large social communities to reach small social communities and more good people become volunteers in developing education in Indonesia.

Public speaking and communication are things that I like, and I think they are essential if you want to be involved in marketing. I like talking to people and exchanging opinions, but I wouldn't start if I weren't asked because I think it's a form of politeness. I also enjoy doing presentations and making presentation designs, then showing data to clients and receiving feedback, be it questions, compliments, or constructive criticism. In addition, customer development and social media management are also significant. They are the key to be known more by the public and improve its performance and reputation.

From the experience and learning that I get, if accepted as an intern at this company, I want the project that I have created to develop more rapidly and be accessible to many people, especially young people who often see social media, to participate in the Dreamnesia project and jointly helping Education in Indonesia by becoming a volunteer teacher. Of course, it takes competent skills and high consistency to build a project that will increase for years to come, and I want to develop my potential in the field of marketing to make it happen.

And lastly, it may sound clichéd, but my wish is based on a solid conscience that I want to make changes in Indonesia by developing projects, events, research, and self-potential in the field of marketing. As a student, I have studied for more than 12 years, seeing Indonesia's unequal state of community empowerment, especially in education. Does not the future of a nation lie in the young people of the country? If so, then young Indonesians who do not get proper education should be assisted. Based on my experience as a teacher at one of the foundations in the suburban area, many children still do not understand basic calculations and reading, even though formal education for them should calculate and read more complex reading materials. At that time, I realized, not all young people get a proper education. Whether it is from school facilities or the environment.

I want people in this world to receive the same rights to be empowered and make significant contributions to their countries. I want to develop my project to be international. It can be followed by all people globally, especially young people who have many creative ideas to advance a country in various sectors. I want everyone in the world to have the opportunity and freedom to speak about the problems that have been bothering them. And I want to help them make that happen.