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Dear Talent Acquisition of i-Free St.Petersburg Russia

Here I am Irfan Hamami,

My current position at Prisync has become a Global Sales Development Specialist who relates to analyzing the various industrial type and sizes of the global market, particularly for Indonesia and Singapore during these times. expanding larger connections by creating some awareness to execute the leads as well, and collaborating with the team of CS who sharing the demo call. for the info indeed, Prisync is the top 6 start-up in Turkey based on .


My previous roles and experiences in PT HM Sampoerna Tbk affiliated with Philip Morris International were focus on the commercial cycle in analyzing market trends and profitable aspects. Thus, the cycle of commercial would place to consumer centricity and territory management which in result relates to the distribution channel, economic and market dynamic, seasonal moments, consumer insights, trade activity, program plotting, consumer behavior, brand imaginary, and competitor’s phase.  even more, The dynamic position that I had in Retail and Wholesale Engagement encouraged me to get the whole package of commercial lessons that I have applied for those errands as my daily understanding and jobs. Another side that has been increased my value was SRC Coach, in fact, this position had similar point to Business Development in this company cycle. Sampoerna Retail Community project is established for the stronger trusted distribution channels that all the activities had become my responsibility. There were several points such as B2B, B2C, Digital trade engagement, SRC Expansion, MITRA SRC, community service, commercial ecosystem, partnership, and PPOB (Pojok Bayar). Those subjects mean manageability and controllability as a person to handle all in one hand.  In this company, I also lead by the communication skills in negotiating, persuading, and controlling to both directly and indirectly, with not to forget also for any program activities. It’s not only for those capabilities. But also enriching data knowledge as a basic analysis in many aspects have become my other skills. But in fact, I have been worked for 5 years since I graduated from the University and most of them are asserted as Commercial and Business Development area.

With those skills and knowledge, I ensure myself to take one step ahead confidently and involve myself in I-Free As Business Research and Customer Development by giving big contributions in good synergy.

Bringing me to a good platform to grow will be something that I certainly believe as the maximal capacity as the teamwork or individual contribution. Therefore, this company has represented as the fastest change company for future risks and chances in the digital era, great innovation towards inter-connected of human resources and dominant product availability, and not to forget.  This company becomes the leading IT company to manage one package of services towards the worldwide market. On the other hand, you can imagine how excited I was when I eventually found out that there was a job opening in my skill set here. I would hope to be able in participating in the company’s victory. Moreover, I immensely believe in the value of experience and knowledge to be set in your company to join your Business Research and Customer Development, Fast learner and trusted strategic communication strongly show me as my personal's growth brand. Good explainer and knowing people’s characteristics are the main things that I can share while doing teamwork as well because the standard of satisfaction in doing a great job is the organized relations and mature systems.

Thank you very much for this precious opportunity, I am looking forward to your reply and see me in person for the further recruitment process towards my interest in this company. Once again. Thank you


Irfan Hamami

Global Sales Development Specialist