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Judith Emmanuelle Maria

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Hiring the Best Candidate: Top 5 Most Valuable Skills

Jem Estalilla, Applicant

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With the recent rise of Tiktok striding alongside social media giants Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook, it is clear that platforms capitalizing on socialization is here to stay and to further thrive even in difficult circumstances. AudienceGain understands this and further expands the opportunities for social media users to becoming social media earners. What AudienceGain and other companies need, especially during these accelerating technological era, is someone who is adapatable, persistent, collaborative, innovative, and charming.


Fortunately, AudienceGain do not need to look any further as I was able to cultivate my experiences into these top 5 most valuable skills.


Adaptability requires you to gracefully transition through changes and utilize the data garnered in that transition to produce a better outcome. Working alongside the CEO of Singaporean Technology company Edufied, in two (2) months I was able to spearhead three (3) events including the Philippine governtment, construction companies, and members of the construction industry with each event achieving a higher engagement rate one after the other. To further that, my proposal on the next targeted audience is now currenly being utilized by the company to further their sales this year.


It is quite easy to get disheartened at anything but one of the greatest equalizer is persistence, also known as the abilty to compartmentalize exhaustion and perceive various methods in achieving targeted goals. My first failure with Luxx Lash was on my first day of being the sales lead and not reaching the targeted quota. With the right amount of guidance from our CEO and a lot of personal research, all the succeeding quota were not only met 100% but also exceeded. This was the first instance of my introduction with strategic persistence that also landed me an invitation for mentorship with the said CEO.


Provided social media is the game of AudienceGain, we know the power of collaboration. May it be from gaining new loyal audience from your fellow social media personality or even in creating paid partnership with brands, collaborative skills are necessary to forge meaningful, strategic, and substantial relationships in this industry. With more than three (3) years working as an External Relations Manager and a year as an independent nano-influencer and professional host, I am proud to say that my partnerships have a 100% retention rate: having either an extended or altogether new contract with the same companies. I take this as a positive feedback as it shows their satisfaction and trust in partnering with me.


The best example of innovation would have to be Tiktok. Notice how they always have new dance challenges, pranks, and trending songs? They are able to intelligently utilize trends and innovation into making the app addicting for users, sustainable as a business, and overall relevant. The ideal applicant should be able to 1) recognize this, 2) stay on top of current innovations, and 3) attempt to become the trendsetters and that ideal applicant is sending this letter.


Lastly, charm. That being said, I am looking forward to seeing you on our video interview. :)




Jem Estalilla


PS - I hope you enjoyed my application in SEO article format as much as I did making it! Humbly speaking, I do hope that I'd be able to hear from you soon. Take care!