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I believe I am qualified for the position of Market Research and Promotion Intern for Marine Tourism for M's Marine Adventure Co., Ltd. because: 1) I have effectively managed a marketing team 2) I have excellent English and communication skills, 3) I have basic knowledge about Japan and its culture, 4) I have a minor in Cultural Heritage, and 5) I have previously traveled to Cebu and around the Philippines.


First, as the previous Vice President for Outgoing Exchange, I have collaborated and synergized with the Marketing and Public Relations departments to effectively promote the exchange products of AIESEC in Ateneo de Manila University. Together, our departments were able to achieve customer growth by 45%, contributed to 44% of national product growth, and converted 64% of customers from Sign Up status to Applied status. Co-managing the marketing team entailed conducting ideation and brainstormings spaces, assessing the market through market research, overseeing publication materials. For reference, please check the following Facebook posts created by our marketing team:

Second, I have excellent English and communication skills, which I believe is necessary for any marketing position. Ateneo de Manila University is one of the top universities in The Philippines and I was placed in the Merit English class, where only the Top 4% (for English) is allocated. I was also a Communications Intern for World Wildlife Fund - Philippines last August 2020. I primarily did archives research and helped co-write an article to promote an ongoing livelihood support project, see here:


Third, I have been to Japan on three separate occasions, totaling to around two months worth of time spent there. With that, I have some knowledge in basic Japanese and I am knowledgeable about basic Japanese culture and history. I believe this opportunity will be a great avenue to learn and work alongside Japanese co-workers.


Fourth, I have a minor in Cultural Heritage. For my undergraduate thesis, I assessed how cultural heritage could be highlighted based on the ecotourism of a non-governmental organization in Taytay, Palawan. I interviewed around nine locals and asked about both tangible and intangible heritage. From this, I proposed several ways that the NGO could highlight the community's heritage and integrate it into their future ecotourism project.


Fifth, I have previously traveled to Cebu and around the Philippines. Last 2015, I went to Oslob, Cebu to swim with the whale sharks and swim in Tumalog Falls. Thus, I have some knowledge of tourism sites in the area. To add, pre-pandemic, I was an avid traveler and I have been to Boracay, Palawan, Cebu, Dumaguete, Davao, and other coastal regions in the Philippines.


With all this, I happily look forward to applying my skills and knowledge to contribute greatly to M's Marine Adventure team.