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8 June 2022, 11:44:44

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Varthula Jayasekara

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Business Development – Sales & Marketing executive opportunity.


Job Role: We are looking to hire an experienced sales and marketing executive to help customer

engagement, marketing strategies, and drive sales. In this position, you will be involved

in developing marketing strategies, implementing marketing plans, developing sales

strategies, maintaining customer relations, and creating sales reports. To ensure success

as a sales and marketing executive, you should have strong knowledge of modern

marketing techniques, a passion for sales, and excellent communication skills.

Ultimately, a top-notch sales and marketing executive creates strategies that align with

modern consumer trends. This position will be working with a sales team.


Job Responsibilities:

 Involved in developing marketing strategies and implementing marketing plans,

 Developing sales strategies, maintaining customer relations, and creating sales reports.

 Creating strategies that align with modern consumer trends.

 Aiding in the coordination with media representatives and sponsors.

 Clear communication of key information about the program for each inquiry.

 Lead consultations with students & parents regarding inquiries and maintaining client


 Working with the sales team to develop targeted sales strategies.

 Coordinate sales operations of the program.

 Inputting key information for social media content.

 Be updated on the policies and documents/forms pertaining to the program.

 Actively participate in daily continuous improvement meetings and other meetings

related to the program.

Other tasks as required by the management.


Working hours –

Weekdays - 08.30 a.m to 05.30 p.m

Saturday - 08.30 am to 01.30 p.m


General Requirement of Candidate:

 A competent, hard-working individual with excellent sales & marketing ability.

 The candidate should be highly proficient in English

 Skilled ability to communicate with prospective students & parents.

 Highly efficient in soft skills especially focusing on communication.

 Knows the way around MS Office and Outlook.

 Strong knowledge of modern marketing techniques and is passionate about sales

Highly motivated and self-oriented.


Nationalities - American/ Canadian/ British / Swedish / Norwegian / Danish /

Other European nationalities


Minimum study level - Bachelor’s degree in marketing, sales, business, or related



An allowance of Rs. 25,000 provided.